Ant Control

Ants within the South-West are not only pests inside of the house but can also cause various damage around your home. Both the Black and Brown ant can nest underneath pavers, which up brings the pave work becoming an inconvenience to fix for home owners. They can also invade kitchens and cause damage to electrical wiring in hot water systems.

However, you can avoid such pests from invading your home with our Ant treatment which includes a full ant spray around the home which lasts all summer.

Our pet friendly chemical is not like ordinary ant sprays you buy from your local supermarket. Its active ingredients cannot be detected by ants, which plays a vital role toward eradicating them. It has a ' Transfer Effect', in which once one ant has come in contact with the chemical it is then transferred to others until it reaches the main nest. Once this effect has reached its destination of the nest, it causes the whole colony to be eradicated.

Treatment generally requires 3-7 days to control your ant problem, due to the 'Transfer Effect' our chemical has towards ants.