Bees & Wasps

bees and wasps

Bee & Wasp Control

Are you experiencing issues with bees and wasps at your property? At Best For Less Pest Control we specialise in the safe removal of bees and wasps nest from walls of houses, hollow trees and general sporadic locations.

All of these removals are completed safely and securely to ensure no damage occurs to your property. Most bees are solitary inspect which will not cause you harm unless attacked or put under stress. We understand this and ensure that all measures taken to remove the bee and wasp nest are undertaken and completed to perfection.

By using sophisticated techniques and safety measures we can ensure that your bees and wasp problems will be resolved quickly and efficiently by our pest control specialists. If you have any questions or concerns about this please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

What types of bees can we remove?

  • Stingless Bees
  • Yellow & Black Carpenter Bees
  • Reed Bees
  • Blue Banded Bees
  • Teddy Bear Bees
  • Leafcutter Bees
  • Resin Bees
  • Homalictus Bees
  • Masked Bees